3 body language signs to tell if a guy likes you!

The most common question I receive is some variation of “How to tell if a guy likes you?” I’ve done numerous videos on this topic on my YouTube channel. I had no idea before I started helping women with relationships how popular this topic would be. Even so, I never get tired of this question because of its feel-good nature. Here’s another one! In no particular order of importance, these body language cues should help you figure out if he’s feeling you!

1. He licks his lips a lot when you talk to him.

There are two different types of lip-lickers. You got the LL Cool J type. He licks lips slowly while smirking for no apparent reason, about every five seconds. Your waiting for a response to your comment but he is too busy licking his damn lips, to get a thought out. We have all met this type. He does this to create sexual attraction. He wants to create an image in your head of you two kissing. He must have been told he had sexy lips one time five years ago, so this is his bread and butter now. The other type is more common. This type gets dry mouth when he’s nervous. He is trying to wet his mouth and lips so his breath doesn’t stink, and his lips don’t look too crusty. Because he’s not trying to draw attention to his lips by licking them, he does so quickly! Confession! I’ve been both of these types. The LL cool J impersonator is trying to stir up your attraction. The dry mouth lip-licker more often than not genuinely likes you.

2. He gets much closer to you than necessary while having a conversation.

You can hear him perfectly well at 3 feet, but he likes to get in damn near kissing range just to talk about normal shit. He breaks the intimate space barrier. Guys do this when they want to touch you in some way but can’t. A lowering of his voice usually accompanies this. His bedroom voice. If this is your crush, it would be a good time bite your bottom lip (because it’s sexy), and stare into his eyes while breaking the touch barrier (touch him). This gives him permission the make the next move which is a kiss. If you don’t like almost being dry-humped, back up to create space. This will let him know that he’s making you uncomfortable.

3. He always seems to be facing you! Even when he’s not looking at you!

His feet are facing you, and his shoulder are facing you but he’s looking away. Or he’s always facing your direction but looking past you to something else, usually an inanimate object. If asked he’ll pretend he was looking at the scratch on the wall behind you. He does this because he’s not sure if you’ve noticed him and he wants you to look at him. And also because he thinks facing you gives him justification to look your way or even stare with a good excuse. If this is your crush validate him by looking at him often with an inviting smile on your face. Even Go out of your way to speak to him when he does this. If you don’t like him, pretend he’s invisible. Look past him. Look around him, and never smile at him. This will make him feel insignificant and let him know he has no chance!

There are so many signs to observe, I couldn’t possibly put them in one blog post. Visit my YouTube channel here for more on this subject ⇒ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQjRFZEvlsdkxgV_dq_kAqw?view_as=subscriber

Kev Hick

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