3 things you should never do around your crush!

Trying to get someone’s attention when you like them is tricky. We often find ourselves engaging in behaviors that do more harm than good when we are nervous around our crush. I can’t tell you how many time I thought “why did I say that? WTF was I thinking? If they did like me, they won’t anymore!” They say love makes you crazy.  Well, so does “like”.

These are three things you should never do around your crush.

The first thing you should never do in front of your crush is talk shit about other girls or put people down. This makes you look insecure and it also just makes you look like a bad person. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. And if you’re thinking “I’ve seen my crush around for a while now I’ve already made my first impression.” You could be right but I would like to remind you that there is a difference between the first impression you get from seeing someone and the first impression you get from hearing them speak for the first time. Ladies, you should get this concept anyway because I’ve heard this phrase a thousand times. “Girl! He was fine …until he opened his mouth! lol” Meaning the content of his conversation immediately disqualified him from romantic consideration. It works no differently with men. When a guy hears a girl says some dumb shit it starts to take his mind from the thoughts of “I could see myself with her” to “I’d bang her but I wouldn’t date her.” That might sound crude but it’s just the way a man’s mind wanders. There are exceptions to this rule though. If you and your crush both like to talk shit about people all the time, y’all hater asses belong together. Or if you have a shared negative experience with someone then it OK to vent to each other. He will understand your point of view in that case.

The second thing you never want to get caught doing in front of your crush is flirting with a lot of other guys. I know some pickup guru will tell you different but the type of man I hope you are looking for won’t be impressed by excessive or obvious flirting with other guys. Everybody doesn’t like to play around, or approach courtship like a game of cat and mouse. When a man knows what he wants a woman’s “hard to get” game is just an annoying part of the process he would love to skip. What’s one of the first things a guy must do if he wants to make a girl feel special without telling her verbally? He must pretend like he doesn’t notice anyone but her. He must make her feel like she’s the only girl in the room. Knowing how powerful that is when the guy you like does that for you, why would you let him catch you hitting on, hugging, and sitting on the laps of other guys? Or however you flirt. Too much flirting makes you look easy and less trustworthy in a relationship. If you want a guy to see you as a girlfriend act like his girlfriend. Would his woman be flirting with other guys in front of him? This way when you choose to flirt with him he knows it means something without you having to confess your feelings verbally. And if he likes you he will want to know that you’re different with him than with other guys. This way you don’t really have to put yourself out there if you’re not ready.

The third thing you never want your crush to see you doing is being too delicate or volatile. Guys want to know that you are emotionally equipped enough to handle a relationship and all its adversities. There is no substitute for emotional stability. You can’t cook, clean, or fuck your way into a healthy relationship if you lack emotional maturity. If a guy picks this up about you he will dump any romantic thoughts about you and pat himself on the back for dodging a bullet. Never have a meltdown or temper tantrum in front of your crush. On the flip side also avoid being too dainty and delicate. Crying at the drop of a hat will send him packing even quicker than a violent outburst. Tearing up and flipping out will make him dismiss you as crazy…and not the sexy type of crazy either. Just regular crazy.
So that’s it. That’s my list of stuff you need to avoid doing in front of your crush.

Written by Kev Hick


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