4 Things guys find attractive. How to make a guy like you!

Trying to act normal in front of a guy you like can be almost impossible sometimes. Especially if you’re not really sure what your crush is into romantically. You may not know which fake version of yourself to present. Lol. You may not always say or do the perfect thing around your crush. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Here are 4 basic behaviors that will make most guys see you favorably, and maybe even open the door for a real connection.


I can’t stress this enough. No one is going to want what you have if it’s not working for you! When it comes to your energy or the way you come off to people you must look at least moderately pleased with life. What guy in his right mind is going to join you in misery if you’re always down. Happy people are consistently the most popular people for a reason. Everyone wants what they have. People want to be a part of the joy that they possess. Joy is contagious and it makes people think you must be fun and exciting. That makes them want to get to know you.

Be Approachable and Friendly.

This stuff is super simple but it’s true. Don’t forget to smile! It makes guys feel welcome to speak to you. If I can’t get a smile out of a person then I ain’t saying shit to them. Resting bitch face makes people feel rejected. And a smile makes people accepted. Also be generally nice to people. Humility is so sexy. In all my years of guy talk, I have never met or talked to a guy who wasn’t absolutely crazy about an attractive girl who was nice to people and humble. That’s the type of thing that makes a man think about a relationship with you. Think about it. No guy is daydreaming about a girl being cold, standoffish, and bitchy to him. Being approachable and friendly puts an image in his head of him approaching you successfully. And that’s what you want.

Hang around good and respectable people.

As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. How can two walk together unless they agree? You are the company you keep. I don’t give a damn if you don’t think it’s fair. You will absolutely be judged by your friends. If you hang around awesome people who are nice and treat people right, a guy will feel more welcomed to come up and talk to you when they are around. If you have mean friends, they are like bug repellant for guys approaching you. I used to be flipping crazy about this girl back in school, but I couldn’t stand any of the people she surrounded herself with. She even appeared uglier when she was with them. If your friends aren’t the type of people who are welcoming to outsiders get the F away from them when your crush shows up, if you want him to see you differently. Or at the very least, tell them to be nice when he comes around.

Demonstrate some social independence.

Guys like a girl with her own identity. It’s cool to hang with your friends a lot but don’t come off like one the plastics from the Mean Girls movie. Being self-led is always going to be something guys find attractive. No guy wants to date a girl who needs her friends to tell her what to do at every turn in life. Make sure your crush see’s you making your own decisions. It makes him feel more comfortable. It’s hard enough getting up the courage to talk to the girl you like. It’s much harder knowing that not only do you have to impress her, but all of her friends as well. That could scare a guy off. If you play this correctly a guy will see you as an independent mind and be more likely to think about you romantically.

Give these tips some thought, and try to apply them in the presence of your crush. They won’t make him fall in love or nothing, but they will make him take the thought of a relationship with you more seriously. I hope these help you impress the guy you like.

Kev Hick

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