How to Seduce a nice guy without coming on Too Strong

I’ve gotten some interesting (disturbing) emails lately, so I figured I should shed some light on a topic that’s rarely addressed. I had no idea so many women were in the dark about how to present their sexuality to a nice guy or conservative man. I knew a few were because I’ve experienced some off-putting things first hand, but I’ll talk about that later. It amazes me how so many women just assume that all men are so sex-crazed that they will be turned on no matter how the idea of sex is presented. As if we’re all like a dog in heat, humping away at the dining room table leg.

The truth is Women have always found me to be attractive. I’m 6’2, muscular, and handsome. I’m also a very likable person (A Libra). And kind of an old soul. While I know I’m not the most attractive guy around, I have been blessed with good looks and personality. I say all this to say, I’ve heard it all from women who were bold enough to make their attraction known. And to be honest, I have always found the more subtle and covert sexual hints to be much more palatable. The general rule thumb with shy, conservative, or less experienced guys is to not say anything explicit. You can imply that you’re aroused or into certain things but saying it outright is going to catch some men off guard. When it comes to sex it’s OK to beat around the bush (No pun intended). It makes a man’s mind wander.

For instance, I’ve been told on multiple occasions, Kevin you have some sexy ass p**** licking lips. And every time I’m annoyed. As if such a comment was supposed to put me in the mood to use them. Lol. A better way is to get just outside of kissing range and say you have really nice lips. After that look down and away while briefly biting your lip with a slight grin. As if you’re picturing something. Take a deep breath, smile and change the subject. Just leave him hanging. An incomplete sexual thought can bring the beast out of a man.

That’s because now he has to wonder what else you were thinking or wanted to say. Naturally, he’ll visualize the other parts of your incomplete thought. The brain always has to fill in the blanks. It’s human nature. It’s not what you say that builds sexual tension, it’s what you don’t say. Starting romantic thoughts and not finishing them will leave him daydreaming with a hard on long after your gone. It will also cause him to get more sexually aggressive with you. Meaning, you don’t have to work as hard to bring him out of his shell.

Being subtle also makes you seem less promiscuous. Giving a false appearance of sexual inhibitions will make even an inexperienced man want to take charge sexually. Your perceived lack of confidence will give him confidence. Basically, beat around the bush but do so in your bedroom voice. In person close the distance or break the touch barrier while implying about your sexual needs or preferences. Playing coy and being subtle. On the phone slower speech patterns, and deeper breaths make a man’s mind wander. No Darth Vader shit. Lol.The intent being to let him actually see or hear you work through the sexual tension that you have for him. To get him to feel your physical attraction to him. This way transfers sexual energy effectively without giving him the wrong impression of you.

Lust is an emotion. Just as you can transfer anger and joy you can transfer lust and sexual tension. It’s the same in tantric sex, which means the weaving and expansion of sexual energy. With some guys, you have to build their tension slowly to a point where their lust for you overcomes their fear of you. Bragging about your sex game or how you ride it could make him anxious about underperforming. The type guy I’m talking about my not f*ck a lot of girls all the time. And while you don’t want to come off as the type of girl who f*cks a lot of guys, you also don’t want to appear asexual. Let him know you want the D by expressing your sexual tension but stopping just short of saying anything explicit.

I have had girls point out the penis print in my pants, make lewd comments about my lips, and start twerking in front of me. They have randomly pulled out birth control pills and waved them at me. They have even loudly blurted out “Lets f*ck.” This girl at my job rubs her boobs up against me! My point is, don’t do any of that. Have some class. Make a man think that he’s the one pulling it out of you.

Written by Kev Hick

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