Is chivalry Dead?

Let’s talk about chivalry

So I was on Facebook, and a lady friend of mine posted the question; “Can we bring chivalry back or am I asking too much?” And of course, a bunch of women rushed the comment section replying “too much!” And all sorts of man-bashing. So anyway, I gave my ” wise words” on the subject, but I didn’t want to write too much. I always thought it looked silly when everyone writes one or two sentences in the comment section and some “holier than thou” asshole writes three pages to educate everyone else in the comment section on the meaning of life. It’s also what I usually do. Lol. Having felt a little unwelcome and rushed by the audience, I said fuck it. I’ll write a blog and talk to my audience. Go to where I’m welcome and let my readers know how they can be on the receiving end of the ever so elusive chivalry.

People often ask what happened to chivalry.

The short answer is feminism, mass incarceration, music, pop culture, war, systematic oppression, supremacy, and the economic evolution of women. They have all accelerated its decline. Not all bad things but they all contribute. To the common question of “is chivalry still a thing?” The short answer is yes. Kings who exalt Queens still exist. Men offer up whatever women accept. A man who honors himself will honor his woman. A woman who honors herself will have nothing less. It amazes me how so many women don’t fully understand the sheer power they have over the men around them. At-large women complain about the way men are. Yet, and still, their behaviors and response to the world determine the way men are. There was a time when chivalry was the first measure a woman took of a man. This is of course after it was no longer cool to sell 12-year girls off to old men based on his abilities to provide, and her ability to bear children. Once women had a choice, how men treated them was what mattered first. Then came his ability to provide. That’s because they had seen the horror of what happens when these priorities are flipped.

Fast forward a few generations.

Many Women choose a man based on his swag, his style of dress, his street cred, social status, and his money. Those have become the requirements to impress large numbers of women. Those are the things young men learn to value and offer up to women. I remember being in school people watching. All the guys that always got the new Jordan’s and could keep up with fashion trends or were thugs with swag got most of the girls. Some were cool, but others were fucking airheads with nothing to offer a girl. It didn’t matter to those girls. They had learned to value other things besides chivalry. To fuck them you didn’t need chivalry; you just needed swag and trendy clothes.

At the same time, there were other girls. The type who measured guys by their character. With these girls, guys had to come correct. You had to offer to carry her books. You had to open doors for her. You had to stop cursing so much around her. You had to compliment her. You had to walk her to her bus. You had to get her lunch for her. You had to be a gentleman around her. You had to display honor and integrity to impress her. She grew to like you once she saw the value of your character. These young women were attracted to honor, respect, and masculinity. No one was f-ing these girls without a commitment. Even as a young man watching this, I could guess with pretty good accuracy. Which girls would marry a decent chivalrous man and which women would have multiple babies fathers. This is no knock on those women. I’m just making the distinction between the requirements a guy must meet to impress them. And how a generational lack of judgment lead women to a place where a relatively large number of them could reasonably believe that chivalry was an outdated overestimation of what they should expect from a man.

The truth is ladies you get what you require from men. Women who want a guy to have money only date men with money. They don’t date broke men and say shit like ” Is prosperity still alive? Do men still have money?” Women, who require swag don’t date lame dudes and say ” is swag still a thing?” “Do guys with style still exist?” However,  women who never required chivalry or respect complain about not receiving it as if they have no control over who or what they accept in their life.  Guys will do anything to get in your pants. And I do mean anything! If you want chivalry, then make it the requirement to get in your pants. I would guess 90% of women who complain about chivalry also like “bad boys” and dismiss “nice guys.” That shit is pure idiocy. Women have come to a place where many in large part reject their traditional roles. Chivalry is the word we use to describe a man’s traditional responsibility to honor women. There isn’t really a word to describe a woman’s obligation to respect and honor a man, but women have neglected that idea at the same rate. But that’s another blog.


Kev Hick

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